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Dock Asian Eatery Brings Friendly Charm and Authentic Asian Dishes to Bushwick
By Natasha Ishak, 25th, APRIL 2019

When people think of Asian fare, they usually think delicious and convenient. The recently opened Dock Asian Eatery is no exception. Located right off the intersection of Wyckoff Avenue and Troutman Street, the Asian eatery boasts three distinct types of cuisine—Thai, sushi, and ramen—which coexist in a single menu. Thai chef Amornrat Aksaranan, sushi chef Taka Kishikawa, and his son, ramen-making extraordinaire Shogo Kishikawa are the brains behind Dock’s elaborate offering. Serving multiple cuisines under the same roof is hardly a novel idea but it is a bold concept to take on.

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Dock Eatery Brings Asian Flavors to Bushwick
Michelle Giang, February 26, 2019

Bushwick is one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore because you never know what you’ll find on each corner. The abandoned warehouses are transformed to life-sized canvases for artist to display a collection of fascinating pieces known as the Bushwick Collective. Among the buzzing nightlife there blooms a restaurant scene that’s truly exciting. My latest discovery was Dock Asian Eatery, a restaurant where three chefs gets the chance to bring their cuisine to the table.

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Dock Restaurant makes Bushwick debut, with ramen and more
By Hoodline Thursday, December 27th, 2018

If ramen is what you're after, look no further than this new business. Called Dock Restaurant, the fresh addition is located at 22 Wyckoff Ave. in Bushwick. "With a combined 40 years of experience, Chef Taka Kishikawa's exquisite Japanese cuisine, combined with Chef Amornrat Aksarana, who will offer her distinctive Thai fare, and Chef Shogo Kishikawa's savory Ramen, Dock will ensure a culinary experience you will never forget," the business offers on Yelp. With a five-star rating out of three reviews on Yelp so far, Dock Restaurant has been warmly received by patrons. 

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Dock Asian Eatery
By Thomas Rafael

Three chefs with a passion for food have come together at Dock Asian Eatery in Bushwick. And each is bringing something different to the table. Chef Taka Kishikawa is known for his Japanese cuisine, while Chef Amornrat Aksarana is offering distinctive Thai fare. Chef Shogo Kishikawa is adding savory Ramen to the mix.The lengthy menuincludesdishes like grilled and fried octopus puffs with special sauces, slow-cooked pork belly with five spice, an assortment of banh mi sandwiches, along with sushi and sashimi. Seven different types of ramen are also on the menu, along with other noodle dishes. Drinks include an assortment of sake and shochu, as well as "Shochu Highballs."

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