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With a combined 40 years of experience, Dock combines Chef Taka Kishikawa's exquisite Japanese cuisine, Chef Amornrat Aksarana’s distinctive Thai fare and Chef Shogo Kishikawa's savory Ramen ensuring a culinary experience you will never forget.




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The inspiration for Dock Asian Eatery originated from a casual dinner between a group of chefs with different backgrounds and their conversation about their mutual love and passion for food. What resulted was Dock, an eatery offering three distinct, authentic Asian cuisines under one roof.


Taka Kishikawa

Sushi / Japanese Cuisine

Executive Chef Taka’s introduction to cooking started at the age of 16 while working part-time at a Japanese restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan. His passion for cooking continued after graduating from High School, where he had the privilege of apprenticeship under sushi master Yukio Sakaguchi at Sushi-Tatsu in Fukuoka. His career flourished and he went on to work as the Executive Chef at Hatsuhana (2000), Executive Chef at Sobaya (2003), and Executive Chef at Sushi of Gari (2007-2013).



Amornrat Aksaranan

Thai Cuisine

Born and raised in Thailand, Executive Chef Amornrat Aksaranan brought with her Thai traditional family recipes when she first moved to New York City. Her love of cooking became her career aspirations. She followed her passion by enrolling in the Culinary Program at The Art Institute where she learned and mastered her skills in a variety of cuisines. After graduating, she began training in New York City and landed her first job at The Mercer Kitchen. In 2003 she opened Chai Thai Home Kitchen in Brooklyn and expanded to Midtown Manhattan in 2007. Bami launched in 2016 featuring a variety of flavorful sandwiches, noodle bowls and over the rice dishes.



Shogo Kishikawa


Chef Shogo was born and raised in the Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan, which is renowned for its Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. Growing up, he always had a passion for ramen. He moved to the United States in 1998 to continue his education. Upon graduation, he trained at Santoka where he gained valuable experience in the different methods of ramen making. In 2016, Chef Shogo was granted the opportunity to work alongside Chef Taka to create Ramen Zamurai’s famous ramens, including the Tonkotsu Ramen which was inspired by the Hakata Ramen from his hometown.


Features DISHES

Our signature dishes are guaranteed to please no matter what you’re craving.


Sashimi Special

The chef’s assortment of 7 kinds of sashimi

Spicy_Sizzling_Seafood_Pad Cha.jpg

*Spicy Sizzling Seafood Pad Cha

With wild ginger and green peppercorn in spicy brown sauce


Spicy Miso Ramen

Spicy miso flavored pork bone stock soup topped with chashu, boiled egg, scallions, corn, bamboo shoots and butter



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